Alan Rickman and Jimmy Fallon Do Helium | What’s Trending Now

Harry Potter as well as Resist celebrity Alan Rickman was the guest on Jimmy Fallon the various other evening, and they breathed in helium for component of the meeting. You understand, like you do. Whose voice do you want to hear on helium? Subscribe for more videos!

Alan Rickman and Jimmy Fallon Do Helium:

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Paula Rhodes:

Intro music: Orientation – Birocractic

22 gedachten over “Alan Rickman and Jimmy Fallon Do Helium | What’s Trending Now”

  1. I think Paula’s voice is pretty cute! And I would love to hear Anna Lore’s
    voice on helium 😛 lol

  2. Didn’t quite catch the name (english isn’t my first language) but I
    absolutly loved the host! You did a brilliant job! And even when these
    words didn’t come out of your brain, they came lovely out of your mouth <3.
    I had a blast watching this! xxx 

  3. i want to hear The Rock do a Helium voice cover of San Andreas lololol

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