Britney Spears on Helium – The Jonathan Ross Show

Meer beroemde artiesten videos met de leukste helium ballonnen >>>

After losing a round of ‘Waive Tennis’ – Britney Spears need to breathe filled with helium as well as sing to Jonathan.

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74 gedachten over “Britney Spears on Helium – The Jonathan Ross Show”

  1. Aaaaaaaaand that’s it, those were all the live vocals you’ll get this era
    (and she was not even in tune)

  2. Try to have a good day today. Time is short. Smile and laugh as much as you
    can. Say something nice to another and pass along! =)

  3. Unless you live in the UK just wait for it to be on YouTube it you live in
    the UK its on ITV tonight at 10:20pm

  4. she still look older for age ,it didn’t make her look younger even, if you
    think you can denies that .

  5. she is such a cute and natural person and people are still so mad at her
    because of lip-sync, it’s sad to see hate on her like this cause she is one
    of the cuttest celebrity alive

  6. No one ever claims Black children are “too Black” and have to be chased
    down with “Diversity.”
    No one ever claims Asian children are “too Asian” and have to be chased
    down with “Diversity.”
    But anti-Whites tell us that White children and ONLY White children are
    “too White” and must be chased down with “Diversity.”
    Diversity means chasing down the last White child.
    Diversity is a codeword for White Genocide.
    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  7. You’re kinda underplaying how annoying lip syncing is. If you pay money to
    watch a singer perform, you’d want them to actually sing and not just
    lip-sync over the same track you’ve heard a million times before.

  8. +Chrisy Nova tbh the way her face has aged is not normal. She looks very
    old for her age.

  9. ofcurse her fans will denid that ,but she look way older for her age ,she
    only 34 old !!!!!

  10. +nathan sky You can’t even spell or speak at a 5th grade level. You should
    focus on the more obvious areas of concern. You a dummy.

  11. Well she mimes all her concerts for christ sake, are you that surprised
    that she decided not to sing?

  12. Exactly, it’s all well and good saying “awww but she’s a cute celebrity”
    but… unfortunately for her, she isn’t a model, she’s a singer.

  13. Keep doing a million fake accounts to hate on her maybe you gonna feel
    better in your mediocre existence

  14. Why do you care if you only listen to the digital song? Most people blab
    about live vocals and singing, while they barely even enjoy *LIVE MUSIC*.
    If not, that’s another case.

  15. Do you realize that Michael jackson perform a lot without actually singing?
    And there are countless artist who lip sync still.

  16. That doesn’t make it a good thing, and MJ always sang live when he wasn’t
    dancing. Human nature and you are not alone etc… Oh and This is it…
    that was mostly live because his dancing wasn’t as intense, he made an

  17. If diversity is a code word for white genocide then you are fcked aren’t
    you? coz the world aint going backwards. It must also be genocide for all
    others because all countries in this lil world are filled with people from
    different backgrounds. The world is moving forward and I for one like to
    enjoy all the different cultures.

  18. i want to bang her while she’s on helium. i want to hear her cry out my
    name in ecstasy in a cartoon voice.

  19. +Discover Sixtyz Do you want your descendants to be able to enjoy all
    the different cultures, including White cultures? The only way to preserve
    them is to keep them separate.

  20. +Nikola Bijeliti
    Well there are white Africans and white carribeans, black irish etc and
    funny enough those people still have their cultures unspoilt and as
    colourful as ever. Yes I want my children to be able to enjoy their
    cultures and understand them fully but the only way that doesn’t happen is
    if I don’t take the time to teach them no one can kill ideas that you want
    to keep alive, especially not by just standing beside you. If anything I
    love it when other cultures enjoy new ones this INFACT encourages it to
    grow more and survive. Please take my little advice and go on atleast 3
    weeks holiday somewhere else not in your country. Go there with an open
    mind unwilling to judge and just enjoy go knowing most cultures have more
    than one tribe mixing and they still have their individual cultures growing
    and alive. Go have fun and look for the good stuff and ignore the bad or
    just pray for the bad in those places to improve. When you come back
    remember it is your job to keep your culture alive so as to enjoy it
    yourself and for others to enjoy too it is ok to want to be white it is
    good and shows you love yourself as you are it is also good to love
    different people and their cultures you would miss on so much if you
    separated yourself.

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