Morgan Freeman, Vin Diesel, Seth Green, Lionel Ritchie on Helium

Morgan Freeman, Vin Diesel, Seth Eco-friendly, Lionel Ritchie, Jonathan Ross, Rove all on Helium. I do not own the civil liberties to these clips. Subscribe to my network and also see my most current video clip

28 gedachten over “Morgan Freeman, Vin Diesel, Seth Green, Lionel Ritchie on Helium”

  1. Thank God for helium. Proof that he has a sense of humor! “Breathe this.
    Only a little. IT NEVER STOPS BEING FUNNY”

  2. Guys, let’s be nice about this XD jagnar123987x, thanks for your opinion,
    but please respect our beliefs even if you don’t agree with them. 🙂
    Speemer 101, don’t call him a liar. Have faith that God doesn’t need
    defending from everyone and remember to represent God by showing the same
    love and respect he shows me and you!

  3. Wait, was Seth green in that one shitty scooby doo movie or was that
    someone else

  4. Vin diesel doesn’t sound like he’s on heluim… he just sounds like a brit
    with a high voice

    like if you agree

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